#RealLove is attempting to change the narrative around Valentine’s Day from one of largely commercialism to one of ‘Love your Neighbour’.

Who is it for?

The audience is two-fold: the church itself, which needs to ‘buy-in’ to the idea with as many people as possible getting involved; and members of the public who experience the many expressions of #RealLove outlined above.

How Churches can get involved?

Churches will be encouraged to focus on the lonely, vulnerable, isolated, and key workers who are finding this time of lockdown difficult. The objective is to share Jesus love with them, show them that people care about their well-being, and to help with their mental health.

We want you to share all your photos, stories, posts and use the tag #reallove across all your social media platforms.

#RealLove is not a one-off event but should be the start of a larger push by churches to talk about Jesus: who he was, what he said, why he came, and what that means for all of us.

Churches constantly say they want to reach out to their communities, but they don’t know how or have the confidence to enter the public space.

#RealLove should seek to encourage the church to mobilise itself as one body to show that we can speak with one voice in a positive, generous and timely fashion.

How to be a part

As many hearts as possible would be distributed early on February 14 in parks, on road sides and suitable locations and we would invite young families and others to find them.  The idea would be to find at least two, so that they could receive love and then give love to someone else, the elderly, vulnerable, bereaved or to a key worker or member of the NHS.

Our Aim

To reach as many people as we can with the message that Jesus loves them; His love is real, free and never-ending;  that Christians in local communities are taking the time to reach out because they want to share the love of Jesus with as many people as possible.

Our storytelling needs to engage people because it speaks into their lives and current circumstances demonstrating that what we believe has the potential to bring practical differences to the way they live their lives and to their communities.

By demonstrating what we call #RealLove, at a time when the focus is on images of secular love created by Valentine’s Day, we show how our faith offers us a different value system and way of living: counter-cultural, but positive message offering hope to a broken world.

You may think this is a bit weird. You’re also probably wondering, ‘what’s the catch?’ 

But there isn’t one.

For Christians it is not just about what we believe, but about what we do.

Jesus gave His life for us because He loved us and He asks us to do the same.  Now, I might not be able to give up my life for you, but I can at least show Jesus’ love for you by giving this to you.

There’s no catch, no gimmick, just

The world is full of such anger and hatred

Jesus teaches us to love one another as he love us – this is counter-cultural and not easy but come with us on a journey and see how we can all do this and change our society.

The world is full of selfishness

The Bible tells us to ‘love our neighbour as ourselves’ and when all of us do that attitudes begin to change

Many of us are alone and struggle with mental health issues

You are not alone. Jesus can be with you and walk alongside you. There is also a body of Christians who want to walk alongside you.